Monthly Million Winner – Athanasios Ntalakas

This entry was posted on Thursday, January 14th, 2010 at 6:14 pm
Athanasios Ntalakas wins Monthly Million

Athanasios Ntalakas wins Monthly Million

Athanasios Ntalakas is on fire!! Our Greek Titan has done it again, this time by winning the Monthly Million. He takes home his $200,000 share of the Million,  not so long after his additional $52,500  ECOOP V #1 victory in November ’09.  As he himself put it on his Winners Page quote which appears on the Titan Poker website: “I am still thrilled after my win and I feel 2010 will be a great year for me.”

After almost 13 hours of play Athanasios Ntalakas finally finished off the opposition. “I was really excited to be at the final table, just a month after my ECOOP win. Even though it was very late, I was pumped up and ready to play for the win”, he told us.  “The opponents were good and everyone was going for the win. It was by far the toughest final table I have been to.  Players were not afraid to put their chips in the middle and put you to the test constantly by 3-betting and shoving. I was fortunate to win my big flips and even when I was low in chips my friends were there to encourage me”, he added. The final Heads up was against Neil Channing who was leading with by 2:1 in stack size.  Steadily Athanasios managed to acquire the same amount of chips and on the final hand he was lucky to outdraw Channing.

Athanasios has also given the Sunday $250K GTD. a couple of shots with mixed results.   “I think these tourneys are of great value because they start at a reasonable time and the field is not so tough until the late stages”, he commented. His successful run should not be taken for granted and he knows it. ” My experience so far at Titan Poker is amazing and I will continue playing for a long time and also give some satellites a try to enter live events”. This man is definitely a character to follow and he is great for both Titan Poker and Greek national pride.