Be Faithful to the Poker Bible

March 5th, 2014 by Bradley

Many people think that Poker evolved into the game we know only in the last 150 years, but in reality, Poker is a very ancient game. The patriarchs played Poker, as did the pharaohs of Egypt.

The Poker Commandments have been guiding players for thousands of years. We’ve translated the ancient poker gospel and prepared a movie and a slide show for you = Poker and the Bible.

If you believe in Poker, you will be saved! Now read the Poker Bible, or ye shall perish.

Big Poker Tournaments for Small Poker Budgets

February 18th, 2014 by Bradley

Last night, Canadian player “malachi0090″ outlasted 163 opponents to take down the $100 Classic Monday poker tournament, capturing its first place prize of $44.

That might not sound like such huge poker news, but in reality, the weekly tournament of that name is part of a very popular Titan Poker series that is very big with players who have very small poker budgets.

The Titan Micros guarantee $1,000 in weekly tournament prizes, and all of the events have a minimal $1.10 buy-in. Read More »

Twister Poker Tournaments Take the Software by Storm

February 5th, 2014 by Bradley

There’s a storm brewing, making it splendid weather to play Titan Poker’s new sit ‘n’ go tournaments. Twister is a 3-player, turbo-paced sit ‘n’ go with an added incentive. At the start of each game a random jackpot is announced. The winner of each event wins a jackpot prize ranging from 2 to 1000 times the buy-in of the tourney.

Buy-in to a windy Twister tournament and within minutes, you could go home with a jackpot prize of up to $10,000!

How does this work? Button up your overcoat and read on. Read More »

Poker Players Enjoy Discounted Poker Tournaments

January 22nd, 2014 by Bradley

The Sunday Special poker tournament staged at Titan Poker on Sunday attracted a starting field consisting of 2,088 avid poker players. The players were attracted to the tournament not just by the €150,000 in guaranteed prizes offered in the event, but by the fact that entries were only €69 + €6, a full 50% off the usual buy-in price of the popular weekly event.

Staged as part of the Winter Sales 2014 promotion, running for two weeks at Titan Poker, the Sunday Special will again offer a discounted entry price when it runs this coming Sunday. Players can secure their seats at an even lower price by qualifying at one of the many satellite tournaments running around the clock in the software.

The Sunday Special is just one of many discounted poker tournaments running at Titan Poker during the poker promotion. Read More »

Sunday Poker Tournament Line-up Is Richer than Ever

January 13th, 2014 by Bradley

Sundays have always been a great day to play poker, but Sundays at Titan Poker just got a whole lot better. The improved Sunday Line-up now features nine tournaments with €274,000 in total guaranteed prizes!

Recently, all of Titan Poker’s biggest tournaments began offering their guaranteed prizes in euros, making it easier for European poker players to envision just how much they could win in the events. The schedule was revamped and improved, with additional Sunday-only tournaments added and prize pools adjusted and increased.

Read More »